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 Accurate Data, Sound Advice​
Voter / Consumer Research provides public opinion research to clients in the issues management 
and political marketplace;  Our clients include corporations, associations, political candidates, 
I&R campaigns, IE campaigns and Republican Party committees.
"I've known Jan van Lohuizen and watched his work closely for almost 25 years.   I don't know of a more methodologically conscientious, more intellectually honest or a more straight-shooting pollster in either party.  You can take Jan and Voter / Consumer Research's number to the bank; you can count on whatever they say."

Charlie Cook, The Cook Political Report
"In the three decades we've worked with Jan, I feel he's been a great partner in big enterprises.   And having worked with the best in the business, my experience is Jan provides the most important things a pollster can offer: careful forethought, accurate numbers and sensible advice offered in a low-key way but with the bark off."

Karl Rove
"With Jan, there is no spin zone."

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, US Senate (KY)
"There is nobody in the business who produces a better product than Jan does.   Lots of people can generate survey research, but nobody has been traditionally more accurate."

Bob McAdam
Former Director of State and Local Government Relations
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
"I don’t believe a lot of the poll numbers I see floating around in the media.   But Voter / Consumer Research is one of a handful of firms whose poll numbers I continually trust."

Stuart Rothenberg
Rothenberg Political Report
"Jan's strategic counsel and thoughtful analysis was invaluable through both of President Bush's presidential campaigns.  A true statistician, Jan will never steer you wrong."

Sara Taylor, Former White House Political Director